Vermont Clothesline Company

Vermont Clothesline Company offers two different clothesline models, each uniquely designed to meet the needs of different backyard environments. So, whether you have large or limited space, we have a clothesline product for you. These clotheslines are easy to assemble and come as a complete kit, clothesline included. 
We ship all of our clotheslines FedEx Ground. We ship immediately, so you can expect 1 week delivery time. Our shipping charges are based on your location within the continental United States. We do not currently offer international or shipping to Hawaii or Alaska. If you are interested in other shipping options please email us directly at Vermont Clothesline.

Summer Breeze – Our most popular model, the Summer Breeze is ideal for a family with yard space and large loads of laundry.  With 2 posts that can be spaced as far apart as desired and room for 9 drying lines, this standard clothesline model measures 66 inches wide and stands from five to six feet tall.   $200.00 plus shipping.

Garden Party
 – For a more compact clothesline, check out this unique model with one center post.  Perfect for small backyards or pool areas, the Garden Party provides approximately 40 feet of drying space and accommodates most laundry items, such as towels, pants, shirts and more. Seventy two inches square, this model nicely handles an average load of laundry.  $200.00 plus shipping.                                    


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