Now you can hang your laundry with style with Vermont Clothesline Company’s Vermont-made clotheslines. No longer a backyard eyesore, these handsome, wooden clotheslines actually are an attractive addition to your backyard and complement the natural landscape. 

With 2 clothesline styles to choose from, the Vermont Clothesline Company brings stylish drying to your neighborhood. Benefits of Vermont Clothesline products are: 
 o Simple & elegant savings. A simple and elegant way to lower your energy costs, reduce your carbon footprint and put a little sunshine in the clothes on your back! 
 o Solidly constructed & rot resistant. Made of naturally rot resistant Vermont white cedar, strong enough to handle the heaviest laundry loads. 
 o Easy to assemble. Comes as a complete kit, clothesline included. 
 o Attractive & affordable. Let it weather naturally or stain it to match your home or deck. Either way, these clotheslines are beautiful to look at and reasonably priced. 

                                                                   Why Line Dry?

It’s time you scrutinized your energy use. What small step can you take to reduce your reliance on scarce fossil fuels? According to the Web site, www.laundrylist.org dryers typically are the second-biggest electric-using appliance in the home and, according to the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, as of 2005 there were 88 million dryers in the US alone. Experts contend that if all Americans line-dried for just half a year, it would save 3.3% of the country’s total residential output of carbon dioxide. 

So, by simply hanging your laundry and letting the sunshine and cool breeze naturally do your drying, you can give back to the environment. But, that’s not all; other benefits include:
 o You save money. See your electricity costs diminish during outdoor drying months.
 o Smell the freshness. Smell the difference in wind-swept, sun-bleached, line-dried clothes.
 o Clothes last longer. Clothes stand up better to fresh air and natural sun drying. 
 o Keep fit & stay safe. Get your daily exercise at the clothesline!