About Us

As with many businesses, Vermont Clothesline Company was bred out of necessity. With an interest in saving money and energy, Michelle and Joel Baker of Waterbury, Vermont, went in search of an outdoor clothesline that would not only handle the laundry output of a family of 4, but would also blend nicely with their beautifully landscaped property and withstand the year round Vermont weather.

After a lengthy and unsuccessful search on- and off-line, they discovered that that product did not exist. While a grassroots interest in line drying seemed to be growing, the only products on the market resembled relics of the past. Thus, the Vermont Clothesline Company was born. Joel’s building craftsmanship and Michelle’s financial experience blended into a happy business partnership that now produces the highest quality, naturally rot-resistant, Vermont-made clotheslines, truly innovative products in the ancient art of clothes drying.