Frequently Asked Questions

Do my clothesline posts need to be set in cement? 
Our clothesline posts are designed to be placed in a hole that is 30 inches deep, thereby eliminating the need for cement in most situations.  If soil conditions on your site are not stable, rocky or just not suitable for such a deep hole, the posts could be shortened, but by only up to 6 inches, and would need to be placed in a hole with cement in order to be stable.

How is my clothesline shipped?
Our clotheslines are generally shipped UPS ground and arrive in a box that is 94 inches long, 11 inches wide and 7 inches deep. The shipping weight is from 45 - 60 pounds. This box size may be too large to be transported in some vehicles, please take this into consideration when determining the "ship to address" for your product. 

How do I assemble my clothesline and what tools do I need?

Summer Breeze Clothesline - Instructions